In Italo Calvino's story collection Invisible Cities, Marco Polo describes to the ageing despot Kublai Khan some far-away fantastical cities that he visited in his travels.

The cities revealed though Polo’s tales compose a landscape of allegories about various aspects of the human condition, including language, perception, art, psychology, and philosophy. Meticulously interweaving imagination and craftsmanship, the structure of Invisible Cities reveals an incredibly multifaceted and rigidly organized approach to form.

In a similar vein, this concert brings together works that explore ancient texts, distant lands, nature, perception, and art. Canonic masterworks by Debussy and Ligeti are paired with vibrant new works by Japanese composer Noriko Miura, Italian composer Eric Maestri, and NEC music theory faculty members Katarina Miljkovic and Stratis Minakakis.

Debussy La Cathédrale Engloutie (from Préludes Book 1)
Ramifications, Sonata for Viola
Maestri Ritratto
Miljkovic from Forest
Minakakis Diaploys
Miura Walk with the Light While Shining
Sciarrino Perduto in una cittá d’acque

performed by soloists
Brian Hong, violin
Jack Stulz, viola
Alex Hersch, cello
Aaron Likness, piano
David Tarantino, percussion
Nina Guo, soprano
and students conducted and coached by Stratis Minakakis

The miniature of Marco Polo traveling is from a work published during Polo's lifetime (c. 1254–1324).

Date: December 18, 2013 - 8:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Brown Hall

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