Each year NEC's Abreu Fellows program accepts 10 musicians into a course of study that allows them to convert their passion for their art and social change into a skill set that will empower them to transform children's lives by developing programs throughout the United States inspired by Venezuela's El Sistema. The Abreu Fellows have organized this concert to demonstrate the many facets of an Abreu Fellowship.

C.A.T.S. stands for "Citizen-Artist-Teacher-Scholar," and was coined by two members of the Class of 2010—Rebecca Levi and David Malek—along with Larry Scripp of the NEC faculty. The Abreu Fellows use the C.A.T.S. model to describe musicians who strive to lead youth by teaching, performing, educating, and modelling good citizenship. Read more about this in NEC President Tony Woodcock's blog.

There will be many C.A.T.S. present at this concert, which combines excerpts from chamber music works and video presentations. This is a collaborative project between the Class of 2011 Abreu Fellows, NEC faculty and student, plus 25 children from the El Sistema program at the Conservatory Lab Charter School (in photo), directed by Rebecca Levi and David Malek.

Unable to attend? This event was streamed live at UStream.

Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto in A Minor
Elizabeth Schurgin '11 A.F., bassoon
with the Abreu Fellows Ensemble
Marie Racine Montilla '11 A.F. and Andrea Profili '11 A.F., violin
Graciela Briceno '11 A.F. and Isabel Trautwein '11 A.F., viola
Laura Jekel '11 A.F. and Adrienne Taylor '11 A.F., cello
Steven Liu '11 A.F., double bass
David Gracia '11 A.F., harpsichord

Stravinsky L'Histoire du soldat
David Loebel, conductor
NEC President Tony Woodcock, narrator
Libretto written for this occasion by the Abreu Fellows
Isabel Trautwein '11 A.F., violin
Steven Liu '11 A.F., double bass
John Diodati '13 B.M., clarinet
Elizabeth Schurgin '11 A.F., bassoon
Katie Driscoll '11 B.M., trumpet
Jonathan Randazzo '11 B.M., trombone
Patrick Slevin
'11 A.F., percussion

Beethoven from Symphony No. 9
25 Conservatory Lab Charter School students
with Abreu Fellows

De Falla Suite Populaire Espanola
Isabel Trautwein '11 A.F., violin
Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, piano

Schumann Trio in F Major
David Gracia '11 A.F., piano
Lucy Chapman
, violin
Laura Jekel '11 A.F., cello

Piazzolla Tangos
David Gracia '11 A.F., piano
Rachel Roberts
, flute
Marie Racine Montilla '11 A.F., violin
Adrienne Taylor '11 A.F., cello

Brahms Sextet in G Major
Kobi Malkin '12 B.M., violin
Marie Racine Montilla '11 A.F., violin
Roger Tapping, viola
Isabel Trautwein '11 A.F., viola
Adrienne Taylor '11 A.F., cello
Laura Jekel '11 A.F., cello

Date: February 8, 2011 - 6:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Williams Hall

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