Boston Symphony OrchestraWhen Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians are not on stage at Symphony Hall, half of them are across the street at NEC, teaching the next generation of orchestra players. More on this.

These BSO teachers also star in NEC concerts. And we're returning the favor with an Insight Series that adds context to BSO programs featuring key works by Britten and Beethoven. Prelude Concerts are curated by composers whose commissioned works the BSO performs this season.

The 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony Chamber Players brings joy to Jordan Hall, since it features our BSO faculty as well as NEC composers. Celebrity Series brings Hugh Wolff and the NEC Philharmonia to Symphony Hall in April—a powerful finale for NEC's College orchestra season.

You will find links to these along with other NEC concerts that have a BSO connection, plus BSO concerts that feature NEC artists. Whether or not you have a BSO subscription, we hope to enrich your encounters with one of the world's greatest orchestras!

Past performances

2013-09-08 Pappoutsakis Flute Competition Winner
Concert and accompanying masterclasses honor two former BSO flutists: James Pappoutsakis and Fenwick Smith.

2013-09-11 Toby Oft
BSO principal trombone gives NEC faculty recital.

2013-09-16 Insight Series: Britten
Canticle II, "Abraham and Isaac"

2013-10-07 Insight Series: Britten
Nocturnal after John Dowland

2013-10-18 James Dunham masterclass
NEC's former strings chair was a frequent BSO sub during his time in Boston.

2013-10-23 Julian Kuerti conducts NEC Philharmonia
BSO assistant conductor's NEC program includes BSO-commissioned Henze Symphony No. 8.

2013-10-24 Prelude Concert: Turnage
Do you hear what I hear? Composer curates and discusses solo and chamber works by Oliver Knussen and himself, immediately prior to BSO concert premiering his Speranza.

2013-10-28 Insight Series: Britten
String Quartet No. 3

2013-10-30 Insight Series: Britten
Lachrymae: Reflections on a Song of Dowland

2013-11-08 Insight Series: Britten

2013-11-12 BSO trumpet section with NEC Wind Ensemble
Soloists Thomas Rolfs, Benjamin Wright, Thomas Siders, Michael Martin all teach at NEC; their students are members of this ensemble.

2013-11-18 Leonidas Kavakos masterclass
During his week conducting and soloing with the BSO, Kavakos leads a violin masterclass and will receive an honorary Doctor of Music degree from NEC.

2013-11-20 Insight Series: Britten
Frank Bridge Variations, Les Illuminations, Prelude and Fugue for 18-part string orchestra

2013-11-21 Prelude Concert: Neikrug
Do you hear what I hear? Composer curates and discusses solo and chamber works by Berg, Mozart, Scriabin, and Varèse, immediately prior to BSO concert premiering his bassoon concerto.

2013-11-21 Richard Svoboda premieres Mark Neikrug concerto with BSO
NEC's woodwinds chair is the BSO's principal bassoon.

2013-11-25 Stephen Lange and Jason Snider

2013-12-02 Insight Series: Britten
String Quartet No. 2

2013-12-04 Insight Series: Britten
Sinfonia da Requiem

2013-12-11 Insight Series: Britten
Cello Symphony or Violin Concerto

2013-12-13 Insight Series: Britten
Ceremony of Carols and other choral music

2014-02-09 Boston Symphony Chamber Players
50th anniversary program includes works by Kati Agócs, Gunther Schuller; Randall Hodgkinson is guest pianist

2014-02-20 Insight Series: Piano, Before and After Beethoven
The BSO programs all of Beethoven's piano concertos in March. Here's a look at Beethoven's revolutionary impact on the solo piano literature.

2014-03-10 Insights: Beethoven the Pianist
Lecture/demonstration with pianists Bruce Brubaker and Ran Blake.

2014-03-10 Julianne Lee
BSO acting assistant concertmaster in program of music for violin and viola.

2014-03-13 Sound Bites: Beethoven's Legacy among Improvisers
The BSO programs all of Beethoven's piano concertos in March. Here's a look at how improvising musicians hear Beethoven.

2014-03-30 Brass Bash
BSO brass teachers and their NEC students join forces.

2014-03-31 Christopher Wilkins conducts NEC Philharmonia
In the early 2000s, Wilkins was a familiar face in Symphony Hall as a conductor of the Boston Pops and the BSO's Youth and Family Concerts.

2014-04-03 Prelude Concert: Rands
Do you hear what I hear? Composer curates and discusses solo and chamber works, immediately prior to BSO concert premiering his piano concerto.

2014-04-23 NEC Philharmonia at Symphony Hall