In 1881, Henry Higginson called upon 19 members of the New England Conservatory faculty to serve as section leaders in his new Boston Symphony Orchestra. The connection persists—today half of the BSO is composed of Conservatory faculty and alumni, including a number of recent graduates. NEC students routinely follow up a lesson or practice session by crossing the street to hear their teacher perform in Symphony Hall, week after week, at little or no ticket cost.

Each year during spring semester, NEC celebrates its BSO brass faculty and their students at a Brass Bash concert and at the Preparatory School's all-day brass workshop and ongoing Brass Masters series.

BSO veterans routinely coach NEC orchestra sectionals, coach chamber music, and teach string orchestral repertoire classes.

Guest artists performing on BSO concerts frequently give masterclasses at NEC during their time in Boston, under the auspices of NEC's Richard P. and Claire W. Morse Visiting Artist Fund.

Through selection by competition, NEC Preparatory and College students have been concerto soloists in Boston Pops spring concerts in Symphony Hall each year for many years. Preparatory students frequently perform in the BSO's fall Family Concerts. NEC ensembles routinely perform in Symphony Hall open house events. NEC's orchestral conducting students also conduct portions of Boston Pops concerts.

Since the 1990s, BSO assistant conductors have been frequent guests at NEC, leading concerts by student orchestras. NEC orchestras have also been invited on several occasions to be part of the BSO's assistant conductor audition process, serving as one of the orchestras for applicants. BSO guest conductors have also visited NEC for impromptu reading sessions.

Since 2013, NEC has taken part in the BSO "Insights" series, a program of concerts that provide supplementary content to enrich the understanding of listeners attending a featured BSO program. NEC is also working with the BSO to present Prelude concerts that precede the premieres of new works by the BSO. Somewhat whimsically titled "Do You Hear What I Hear?," the programs are curated by the BSO composers, who are asked to choose music that has been an important influence on them. More on this.

NEC representation in the BSO


Malcolm Lowe, concertmaster, NEC College faculty
Elita Kang, assistant concertmaster, NEC Preparatory faculty
Haldan Martinson '97 M.M., principal second violin
Julianne Lee '07 G.D., assistant principal second violin, NEC Preparatory and Continuing Education faculty
Bonnie Bewick, NEC Preparatory faculty
Glen Cherry '95
Jason Horowitz '93, '96 A.D., NEC Preparatory faculty
Valeria Vilker Kuchment, NEC College and Preparatory faculty


Cathy Basrak, assistant principal, NEC College faculty
Michael Zaretsky, NEC Preparatory faculty
Rachel Fagerburg '81
Daniel Getz '11, NEC Preparatory faculty


Mihail Jojatu, NEC Preparatory faculty
Mickey Katz
'03, NEC Preparatory faculty
Alexandre Lecarme, NEC Preparatory faculty
Blaise Déjardin '07 M.M., '08 G.D., NEC Preparatory faculty


Edwin Barker '76, principal
Lawrence Wolfe '70, NEC College faculty
Benjamin Levy '02
Dennis Roy '89
James Orleans, NEC College faculty
Todd Seeber, NEC College faculty
John Stovall '83


Elizabeth Rowe, principal, NEC College faculty
Cynthia Meyers, piccolo, NEC College flute faculty


John Ferrillo, principal, NEC College faculty
Mark McEwen, NEC College faculty
Keisuke Wakao, NEC College faculty


Michael Wayne, NEC College faculty
Thomas Martin, associate principal and E-flat clarinet, NEC College faculty
Craig Nordstrom, bass clarinet, former NEC College faculty


Richard Svoboda, principal, NEC College faculty
Richard Ranti, associate principal, NEC College faculty
Gregg Henegar, contrabassoon, NEC College faculty


James Sommerville, principal, NEC College faculty
Richard Sebring '77, associate principal, NEC College faculty
Rachel Childers, NEC College faculty
Michael Winter, NEC College faculty
Jason Snider, NEC College faculty
Jonathan Menkis, NEC College faculty


Thomas Rolfs '78, principal, NEC College faculty
Benjamin Wright, second trumpet, NEC College faculty
Thomas Siders, assistant principal trumpet, NEC College faculty
Michael Martin, fourth trumpet, NEC College faculty


Toby Oft, principal, NEC College faculty
Stephen Lange, NEC College faculty
James Markey, bass trombone, NEC College faculty; Director, Preparatory Trombone Choir


Mike Roylance, principal, NEC College faculty


J. William Hudgins, NEC College faculty
Daniel Bauch '98 Prep, NEC College and Preparatory faculty
Kyle Brightwell, NEC Preparatory faculty
Matthew McKay '09, NEC College and Preparatory faculty


Jessica Zhou, NEC College faculty

voice and chorus

John Oliver '67 M.M., founder and conductor, Tanglewood Festival Chorus

Past BSO members with NEC affiliation

This is a partial list that will grow based on additional research.

Kelly Barr, violin, NEC Preparatory faculty
Marylou Speaker Churchill '67, violin, former NEC College and Preparatory faculty
Harry Ellis Dickson '29 DP, '30 DP, '87 hon. D.M., violin
Max Hobart, violin, NEC Preparatory faculty
Louis Krasner, violin, former NEC faculty

Edward Gazouleas, former NEC College faculty
George Norwood Humphrey '29, viola
Eugene Lehner, viola, former NEC faculty

Jules Eskin, principal cello, former NEC faculty
Ronald Feldman, cello, NEC College faculty
Carol Procter '63, '65 M.M., cello

Fenwick Smith, flute, former NEC College faculty

Ralph Gomberg, oboe, former NEC faculty
Wayne Rapier, oboe, former NEC faculty

Scott Andrews '94, clarinet

Matthew Ruggiero, assistant principal bassoon, former NEC faculty

Daniel Katzen, horn, former NEC faculty
Richard Mackey '50, horn, former NEC College faculty
David Ohanian '67, horn, former NEC College faculty
Jay Wadenpfuhl, horn, former NEC College faculty

Peter Chapman, trumpet, former NEC College faculty
Steve Emery
, trumpet, NEC College faculty
Gerard Goguen
'51 DP, trumpet, former NEC faculty
Charles Schlueter, trumpet, former NEC College faculty
Roger Voisin '30, '91 hon. D.M., principal trumpet, former NEC faculty

Ronald Barron, principal trombone, former NEC College faculty
Norman Bolter '77, trombone, NEC College faculty
William Gibson, principal trombone, former NEC faculty
Douglas Yeo, bass trombone, former NEC College faculty

Frank Epstein '69 M.M., percussion, NEC College and Preparatory faculty
Everett "Vic" Firth '52, '92 hon. D.M., timpani

Louise Langford (Came) Pappoutsakis '37, harp, former NEC faculty
Ann Hobson Pilot
, principal harp, former NEC College and Preparatory faculty