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Board of Trustees

NEC’s Board of Trustees is a select group of supporters who advocate for NEC’s cultural and educational mission, objective, standing in the community, and general well being. The Board oversees the Administration, led by the President, as it establishes the mission for the institution, determines corresponding strategies and policies, and develops and implements long-range planning.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the resources of the institution, including the evaluation and approval of an annual budget, the investment results of the endowment, fundraising successes and challenges, Trustee and Overseer elections, and the academic results and standing of the institution. Trustees and Overseers serve jointly on standing and advisory committees devoted to broad areas of institutional support as well as to specific projects.



Kennett F. Burnes


Thomas W. Blumenthal
Vice Chair and Treasurer



Peter C. Erichsen


Thomas Novak
Interim President

Board of Trustees

Kennett F. Burnes, Chair

Thomas W. Blumenthal, Vice Chair and Treasurer

Peter C. Erichsen, Secretary

Thomas Novak, Interim President

Michael J. Anderson

Clinton J. Bajakian ’87

Enid L. Beal

Barbara de Bragança

Alan P. Ett ’78 M.M.

Corinne Ferguson

Timothy Fulham

Barbara W. Glauber


Eric A. Gray

Saj-nicole A. Joni

Justin Lindsey

John M. Loder

Thomas B. McGrath

Patrick M. Prevost

Peter Ross

Sally L. Rubin

Thurmond Smithgall ’71

Michael Thonis

Frances Bolton Wilmerding

Joan H. Yogg

Ex Officio Trustee

Deborah Bennett Elfers ’82, Chair, Board of Overseers

Life Trustees

Joseph L. Bower

Carroll L. Cabot

Gene D. Dahmen

Stephen Friedlaender

Samuel L. Hayes III

Carol T. Henderson

John L. Hornor ’53, ’55 M.M., ’57 A.D.

Richard P. Morse


Katharine M. Pell

Harold I. Pratt

David W. Scudder ’03 hon. D.M.

Wendy Shattuck ’75

Norton Q. Sloan

Prudence L. Steiner

James L. Terry ’93 hon. D.M.

Jack H. Vernon