What is an Academic Advisor?

An academic advisor is a great and critical resource for your studies here at NEC. The curriculum for all programs can be quite complicated and the advisors monitor your academic progress to help you stay on track towards graduation. Your academic advisor can help you determine which classes are most suitable for your program and specific career goals. Furthermore, your advisors will assist you in developing the critical skills necessary to successfully navigate the busy life of an academic and a professional musician. When issues or academic difficulties do arise, your advisors are here to work with you. They will provide guidance, concrete suggestions on how to resolve the issues, and options for your specific needs.

How do I find my Academic Advisor?

Our offices are located in Room 224 in the St. Botolph building.

How often should I meet with my Academic Advisor?

You must meet with your Academic Advisor before registering for classes each semester. You are encouraged to consult with your Advisor more frequently, especially if you have questions or concerns. In addition, you must see your Advisor for approval to  withdraw from a class.

Can I do my mandatory Academic Advising over email or phone?

No.  It is very important for your academic success to have a personal face-to-face meeting with your Advisor.

How do I change my schedule?

During the Add/Drop period of every semester, you may make changes to your schedule online at https://my.necmusic.edu.  Add/Drop deadlines for a given semester are published in the current Academic Calendar and Handbook and on the inside cover of the current Academic Catalog.

What if I miss the Add/Drop deadline?

If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to change your schedule. You may be allowed to withdraw from a class and you'll want to meet with your Academic Advisor to discern your options. 

What does it mean to withdraw from a class?

 When you withdraw from a class, however, it remains on your registration and will appear on your transcript with a grade of "W." A "W" will not affect your GPA; however, it will make you ineligible for the Dean's list.  If you are currently on Academic Probation, you are not permitted to withdrawal from courses.  You may not replace it with another class. You must see your Academic Advisor to withdraw from a class, and you must meet the withdraw deadline, published in the current Academic Calendar and Handbook and on the inside cover of the current Academic Catalog.

I stopped attending a class early in the semester. The teacher knows about it and said it was fine. I'm withdrawn, right?

No. A teacher cannot withdraw you from a class. You must see your Academic Advisor in the Office of Student Services to withdraw from a class.

I'm having some trouble with one of my classes. Where can I get advice about what to do?

Your Academic Advisor would love to help you out! We will keep our conversations with you confidential, and we have lots of good ideas about overcoming obstacles and succeeding at NEC. Please schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

Great.  How do I get an appointment?

Each semester, the Office of Student Services announces its Academic Advising and Registration period.  Upperclassman do get priority advising and all students will need to schedule an appointment by signing up for your desired time on the Appointment Board or by speaking with the Office Coordinator of Student Services.  For all other times, you may schedule an appointment with your Advisor by contacting your Advisor directly.