How do I get my music?

 Once you get your assignment, come to the Performance Library to sign out your music. The Performance Library is located in the basement under the student lounge. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30-4.

For most concerts, we will put the music outside the library. Find the box for your ensemble then find the folder with your part. Orchestra boxes are organized by instrument, in score order. Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Winds boxes are by name, within each instrument section. Take your music, but leave the folder. Print your initials by your assignment on the roster for each piece. Inside strings (B players): Please take a practice book, not the original part. These are copies of the principal parts and include all works on the concert.


 If there is no box outside the library for your ensemble, or if you have any question about which part(s) to take, please speak to the librarian.


All music should be signed out from the Performance Library before the first rehearsal. However, if you do not sign out the music, it will be automatically signed out to you and placed on the stand at the first rehearsal. (Except for inside string parts and wind ensemble parts. These must be picked up in the library!) Please be aware that if you do not sign out your music before the first rehearsal, your name will be given to the ensemble manager and conductor and you may be asked to audition on your parts.

You are responsible for the music you sign out. You will be charged for any lost or damaged music. Please note the following rules:


·       All markings must be in pencil only; do not use pen or colored pencil.

·       Do not cut or tear the music. If you need help with page turns, please ask a librarian.

·       Do not bend or fold the music.

·       If you change part or stand assignments, return your old part to the library and sign out your new part. Do not take it with you to you new seating position. You will be charged for your old part.

·       If you will be absent from a rehearsal, you are responsible to get the music to the library, your stand partner, or your substitute.

·       Always bring your part to rehearsal. The library may not have an extra copy of your part.


Library music folders will be placed on the stands before each rehearsal and concert. Do not remove these folders from the stand. If you must leave the music for your stand partner or a substitute, or if you do not wish to carry a part with you between rehearsals, you may leave it inside the folder and the librarian will bring it to the next rehearsal.

 Following each rehearsal, or any time you leave your stand, please leave the folder on your stand, close the folder and leave the folder on the stand so the librarian may collect it quickly. After the concert, all music must be left inside the closed folder so it can be returned to the library. (Inside strings may keep/recycle their practice books.)


The librarian will bring the music crate to each rehearsal and concert. A folder with your name on it will be in the crate in front of the divider for your instrument. If you no longer wish to keep a part between rehearsals, leave it inside this folder following the rehearsal and the librarian will bring it to the next rehearsal. You are responsible for having each piece on stage with you for every rehearsal and concert. It will not be placed on the stand or removed from the stand for you.

At the concert, please deposit your music in the “Music Collection Box” as you exit the stage for each piece.



We have free folders in the library for anyone who wants one.

You may request copies of our special materials. (Works not found on imslp!) The cost is 25¢ per page.

If you would like to play a concerto with orchestra on your recital, you may sign out sets from the Performance Library. If the piece is a rental, we can facilitate a contract for you, but you will be responsible for the fee.

Come see us for details on any of the above! We are friendly, knowledgeable, and can be bribed with chocolate.