The NEC/Harvard program is a joint five-year program of studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts at Harvard College and a Master of Music at New England Conservatory. The program benefits musically and intellectually talented students who wish to pursue both a professional music education at NEC and a rigorous liberal arts education at Harvard.

During the first three years of the program, students will pursue the bachelor's curriculum in the concentration of their choice at Harvard and take studio instruction each semester at NEC. Ensemble participation at either institution is encouraged for these three years of study. Students must perform a promotional at NEC at the end of each year to determine continued progress in their musical study. The promotional at the end of the third year also serves as an audition confirming the student's readiness to begin the Master of Music at NEC. In the fourth year, students will complete all requirements for the bachelor's degree at Harvard while beginning to fulfill NEC's master's requirements. Students will receive the Master of Music from NEC after successful completion of the fifth year of study.

NEC/Harvard General Information
Outline of Program of Study

Further information is available from NEC Admissions Office.