What Is MusicLaunch?


  • An explorative and engaging musical environment staffed by NEC Music-in-Education interns, alumni, and CE faculty.
  • A music program that believes that each and every child can achieve in music.
  • A learning laboratory where creative problem-solving skills are at the heart of the curriculum.
  • A program where musical skills are learned in a way that supports language, math and science.
  • A classroom where kids learn community behavior through music.


Program Overview

NEC's MusicLaunch was founded in 2010 in partnership with the Wang YMCA of Chinatown (Boston).  MusicLaunch is an innovative community-minded music education lab, where programs and curricula are driven by the dynamic, multi-faceted, and versatile faculty of NEC's Continuing Ed Music-in-Education Certificate Program. It follows the YMCA's commitment to "developing the potential of every child" with its open enrollment (no audition) policy and classes that encourage music literacy from the ground up, starting with parent/child music circles (ages 2-5). Small-group lessons in guitar, band instruments, and recorder are also offered. 

Like the YMCA, MusicLaunch is committed to promoting social responsibility, critical thinking, and socio-emotional development.  While many arts organizations focus on free performances as their way of giving back, MusicLaunch instead puts experiential, hands-on learning and multi-level (sometimes, multi-generational) instruction at its core. Youth are guided, mentored, and instructed by experienced teaching artists from NEC’s Continuing Ed faculty, as well as by adult intern volunteers from the MIE Certificate Program. 

Documentation of each child's MusicLaunch experience is collected throughout the year, in the form of reflective journals, video vignettes, and performance recordings. Personal reflection is encouraged amongst faculty, students, and parents alike; sharing sessions are scheduled on a regular basis to facilitate and allow for flow of constructive inquiry. Program documentation is assembled on a semesterly basis into digital portfolios that make visible these poignant moments of learning and exhibit MusicLaunch's efficacy for all to see. 

More stories from MusicLaunch coming soon!