About the MIE Concentration

The Music-in-Education Concentration is a program offered to all undergraduate and graduate students. It provides an entry point for students into the field of education while they pursue their degree requirements in any major, by offering introductory courses as well as teaching guided internships. Course work completed in the MIE Concentration may lead to advanced Teacher Certification awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

The mission of the Center Music-In-Education Concentration Program is to encourage NEC students to pursue pedagogy, education, guided internships, and teaching to facilitate subsequent career opportunities with arts organizations, schools, and institutions of higher education.

MIE Concentration Program Goals

  • To develop NEC students’ awareness of their potential future roles as musician/educators.
  • To provide flexible and individualized entry points into the field of education for NEC students for both traditional and non-traditional roles.
  • To support the development of personal pre-professional portfolios that would aid MIE Concentration students in their professional careers.

Student Eligibity: Open to All!

The MIE Concentration Program is open to all students at NEC, regardless of major or degree program. The MIE Concentration itself isn't a major—there is no separate applicaton proccess; nor do students have to switch programs or degrees to participate. Also, no prior teaching experience is necessary.

How The Concentration Works

Students are eligible to receive a Music-In-Education Concentration after successful completion of (a minimum of) 4 MIE courses and 2 Guided Internships. Many courses are cross-listed ino ther departments and can count for MIE credit. Please note: MIE Courses are listed as Graduate Level courses, but are open to all undergraduates.

MIE Courses can be taken for 0 or 2 credits. Only one course must be taken for 2 credits (and it must be an MIE Core Course—see Program Coordinator Randy Wong for details). The remaining MIE courses can be taken for 0 credits. Completion of MIE Courses and Guided Internships, regardless of whether or not they were taken for credit, get listed on student transcripts; the Concentration is listed on the student's diploma after his/her major and degree.