Video: Bruce Brubaker elaborates on the NEC celebration of Liszt.

LisztomaniaThe monumental output of composer Franz Liszt (1811–1886) is a lifelong measuring stick for pianists. Liszt is the composer/performer who arguably invented the modern conception of the "virtuoso."

During the Liszt bicentennial year of 2011, this body of work brought together all of NEC's piano majors, along with Preparatory students, in a series of seven concerts, under the direction of NEC piano chair Bruce Brubaker.

2010-10-22 Liszt and the Cross seminar
2010-11-15 Les Preludes, Totentanz
2011-01-30 Liszt Salute
2011-01-31 Elegies for violin + piano
2011-02-04 Lisztomania: Années de pèlerinage
2011-02-07 Les Préludes symphonic poem
2011-02-11 Liszt and improvisation seminar with Dana Gooley
2011-02-11 Lisztomania: transcriptions, arrangements, paraphrases
2011-02-24 Lisztomania
2011-03-08 Russell Sherman masterclass
2011-03-08 Lisztomania
2011-03-18 Virginia Eskin on Liszt seminar
2011-03-18 Lisztomania
2011-03-31 Lisztomania
2011-04-05 Lisztomania
2011-04-11 Piano Concerto No. 1
2011-07-09 Piano Institute: Franz Liszt and his circle

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