Music Teacher, Bridge Boston Charter School
Dorchester, Massachusetts  

Raised in Syracuse, New York, violinist Julie Davis earned bachelor degrees in Sociology and Music Education from Northwestern University. As an undergraduate, she taught beginning and intermediate strings in public schools in and around Chicago. Exploring community engagement initiatives within Chicago, she has interned with the education departments of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Opera Theater, and Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art. She has worked alongside a Northwestern sociology professor investigating trends and manifestations of income inequality, while also pursuing independent research involving the sociology of education. She wrote a senior thesis investigating the impact of Chicago's street musicians on interpersonal relations. Julie was an instructor for the El Sistema-inspired YOURS Project , teaching group lessons in violin and cello, music theory, and orchestral musicianship in inner-city Chicago.

Founded in 2011, Bridge Boston Charter School encourages students to thrive in a challenging, joyful, inclusive K-8 public school community that values close partnerships with families and a focus on the whole child. Music is a vital component of the rigorous academic curriculum at Bridge Boston Charter School, and a powerful vehicle to impart the school’s values of empowerment, grit, teamwork, and community. Starting in the first grade, all students begin to study a string instrument daily to enrich and inform students’ memory, processing and sequencing skills, stamina, peer-to-peer teaching practices, and teamwork skills. Under Julie’s leadership, the Bridge Boston Charter School music program serves 72 students (as of 2014) in the study of violin and cello for 5-6 hours a week.