NEC’s Pooled Income Fund

NEC’s Pooled Income Fund (PIF) is essentially a charitable mutual fund. With an initial investment of at least $10,000, you will receive shares in the PIF and will be paid income based on your pro-rata portion of the fund. When the gift matures at the death(s) of your beneficiary(ies), the remaining principal comes to NEC to be used for a purpose of your choosing.

A Pooled Income Fund Investment offers a number of attractive benefits including:

  • Income for life for yourself, your spouse/partner, or up to two beneficiaries you choose.
  • Charitable income-tax deduction for those donors who itemize deductions.
  • Complete avoidance of capital-gains tax when you fund your investment with appreciated assets such as securities.
  • A variable annual payment based on a secure, conservative investment strategy that aims to pay a strong income while also assuring capital growth of your eventual gift to NEC.
  • You may designate how NEC will use your gift. NEC welcomes the opportunity to consult with you to determine how your gift can best support a particular area of need.

For more information or if you would like a personalized profile of how you can benefit from an investment in NEC’s Pooled Income Fund, please e-mail Simon Welsby, Executive Director of Development or call 617-585-1168.