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It’s all about connections.
What does it mean to be an artist in society?

Community Performances & Partnerships

The Community Performances and Partnerships Program creates vital conversations between NEC students and the Boston community, while also preparing NEC students with the necessary skills to perform and work in community settings—integral skills for a 21st century music career.

Now celebrating our 14th year, CPP continues to shine as an integral part of life at NEC, in the Boston community, and in the wider vision of a positive musical future.

    A recognized trailblazer, NEC's Community Performances and Partnerships Program is one of the premier programs in the nation for engaging conservatory students with their community through robust, meaningful partnership activities and high quality training.

    CPP interacts annually with close to 16,000 people through over 400 events that reach across ages, neighborhoods, ethnicities, and economic disparities in the city of Boston and beyond. 

    CPP simultaneously provides NEC students with a crucial opportunity to explore what it means to be a musician living in and contributing to community life, within an atmosphere of supportive mentoring, professional development, and experiential learning.

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    Great music goes everywhere.

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    Want to see and hear us in action? While the majority of NEC’s community programming takes place in partnership sites that are not open to the public (such as schools, senior care facilities, hospitals), we are delighted to invite you to our public programs.

    All programs listed here are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.  We hope to see you around town!

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