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Student, Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

Clara Yang wants to live in a world filled with the dreams of children who are all able to become their best selves. 

She’s used her four years of professional experience as a musician, teaching artist, and educator to explore interdisciplinary connections between music and other art forms, education, and medicine. Her most recent recital in New York City used improvisatory composition and audience participation to illuminate the problem of food deserts, a public health issue regarding disparate access to fresh food and produce, in Manhattan. 

Prior to coming to Harvard Medical School, she was a teaching artist with the Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s and the New York Philharmonic, freelance flautist, and associate conductor of the Manhattan Wind Ensemble. She also taught seventh grade science through Teach For America in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

Clara jumps out of bed with a big smile on her face each morning because she is tapping into the strengths of both music and medicine to advocate for equitable and holistic health of children. When she’s not curating salon evenings or researching adolescent health issues, you can find her cooking soupy Korean food and asking herself “Why not?” 

Photo: Taylor Damiani