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Experience Boston

New England Conservatory is located in the heart of Boston, one of America's most vibrant, culturally rich, and beautiful cities. Hear from NEC students what they love about their adopted city, and why Boston is the place to be!

Is NEC right for you?

Who is right for NEC? What makes NEC right for the students who chose to study here? Students from all walks of conservatory life discuss the unifying characteristics of the people you’ll find at NEC.

I'm studying with...

Our world-class faculty is the reason that many students choose to study at NEC. Listen to current students talk about how their teachers shape their experiences at the conservatory.

Why we love Jordan Hall

What’s it like to perform in one of the world’s best concert halls? Hear students talk about Jordan Hall, the pride and joy at the center of NEC.

What has surprised you about NEC?

You think you know what music school is all about? It’s not always what you might think. Our students talk about the things that surprised them the most when they arrived at NEC.