All first-year undergraduates are expected to demonstrate an advanced level of performance with potential to grow as a musical artist. Graduation from an accredited secondary school (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for enrollment, with an expected minimum overall academic grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale).


Transcripts: First-year applicants must submit official high school transcripts. If a student has attended multiple schools, transcripts from all high schools attended should be submitted.


All incoming first-year students must submit final transcripts in the summer before their matriculation. Transcripts should show the date of conferral of the high school diploma and all final grades.


Homeschooled applicants: Students who have been homeschooled should work with their families to submit transcripts showing subjects studied, materials used, a parent/tutor evaluation, and a parent/tutor signature. Homeschooled applicants who have completed any studies in a traditional high school should submit an official transcript from that institution. Incoming homeschooled first-year students must submit final records indicating that they completed high school equivalent studies in accordance with the homeschool laws of their state of residence.


Recommendations: Two (2) recommendation letters are required.

  1. Artistic recommendation from your private studio teacher addressing your musical work to date and readiness to study music at a conservatory level. (If your private studio teacher is unable to write a recommendation, please ask another music teacher or ensemble leader.)
  2. Academic recommendation from a non-music teacher addressing your writing and cognitive abilities.

English Language Requirement: Any applicant whose first language was not English should review our English language requirements.


SAT/ACT: SAT and ACT scores are not required and do not factor into our admission decision. Freshman applicants who wish to submit recent test results may do so using the following school codes: SAT (Code: 3659) or ACT (Code: 1872).


No offer of admission will be made until the Office of Admissions receives all required documents.


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