Each applicant must have letters of recommendation submitted on his or her behalf. Recommenders may submit their letters either online or in hard copy (but should not submit both). NEC does not use a specific recommendation form; instead, recommenders should compose an original letter on the applicant's behalf. Please see the Specific Instructions for your intended degree/diploma for details about the number and type of required recommendations.


Recommendations are due December 15.


Online: Applicants will enter the name and contact information for each recommender into the online application. Once the application has been submitted, instructions will be sent directly to each recommender by email. For this reason, applicants should be careful to enter their recommenders' email addresses correctly. (Note: We will not accept recommendations sent directly to email accounts in the Office of Admission. All electronic recommendations must be submitted using the secure server.)


Hard copy: Recommenders who prefer to send a hard copy should submit an original, signed letter in a sealed envelope with the recommender's signature across the flap. The applicant's name and proposed major should be included both in the letter and on the outside of the envelope. The recommender should also include his/her own name, address, and phone number. We prefer that hard copy letters be collected by the applicant and mailed together with all other supplemental application materials in one package to the Office of Admission, but recommendation letters should not delay the submission of those materials which are due December 1. Recommenders may choose to mail letters directly to NEC. To ensure prompt and accurate delivery, please include the degree and major of the applicant in the following format: BM Piano, DMA Contemporary Improvisation, etc. Our mailing address is:


Office of Admission

ATTN: [write degree and major of applicant here]

New England Conservatory

290 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

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