The fourteen technology-enhanced “smart” classrooms are the main home for instructional technology at NEC. Every classroom has a stereo speaker system, a ceiling-mounted HD projector, and a full-service audio/visual cabinet. All rooms are equipped with a teaching podium which houses audio, video, and internet connection for a laptop computer. Additionally, three classrooms contain kiosks with a built-in desktop computer.

For ease of use, equipment across these classrooms is largely standardized, and each classroom contains instructional “quick guides.” Additionally, faculty/teaching assistant training is available at any time by request.

Faculty members may develop instructional teaching materials using their home computers, NEC-owned laptops, or their office computers, and may develop course materials using library resources, individual research, and departmental collaboration. Research guidance and assistance is available through the library, and technology guidance/support is available through the ITS department.

Example use of smart classrooms by faculty

  • view a DVD, Blu-Ray, or VHS tape
  • view prepared teaching materials on a computer
  • use and demonstrate computer software to enhance student learning
  • access Internet resources
  • view multimedia student presentations
  • listen to a CD, cassette, record,  or MP3 player, or other personal music device through classroom speakers
  • attach other external equipment (e.g., document camera, etc.)

Faculty members may borrow necessary cables and adapters for semester-long use by contacting the ITS department. Faculty may borrow necessary audio cabinet and computer kiosk keys from the AVS department. Additionally, faculty, staff, and students may borrow cables for single-class-period use by visiting the Student Computer Lab.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing a technical issue during a class, the Student Computer Lab staff is available to assist you. Support is available by dialing 1234 on the wall-mounted classroom phone.

Classroom technology training, including refresher courses, is available to all faculty, staff, and teaching assistants by request through the ITS department. Training can be customized to an individual’s needs.