What are the Performance Library’s hours?

Typically our office hours during the academic year are:

Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Changes in office hours are posted on the door of the library. There are times that the librarian's duties may take her to other parts of the school and the library may have to close during regular office hours, if student workers are not available. We try our best to limit these occasions, but it is not always possible. If the library does have to close unexpectedly, we will always post the changes on the front door. We really do not like to hear "You're never open!" because we know that really is not the case.

Summer, holiday, and vacation hours are generally flexible and are posted on the library door.

Where is the Performance Library located?

We are in the basement of the Jordan Hall building underneath the student lounge. (The other end of the hallway from Firestone Library.)

When will my music be available to sign out?

Typically, we aim to have all parts ready to sign out by the time the assignments are posted. If this is not the case, we will post information on the orchestra board and on the orchestra web site.

Will I be fined for not returning my large ensemble music?

Yes. All music not returned immediately following a performance is subject to late fines. Lost music is subject to replacement fees. If you have lost your music, please tell the librarian immediately, so you will not accrue late fines AND replacement fees. Students who do not pay their fines are subject to having their grades withheld at the end of the term.

Can I check out parts or scores for auditions or gigs?

The short answer is no. We have a strict no-lending policy in the Performance Library.

The long answer is that you may make check out CDs from the Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM library at the font desk of Spaulding library. Most standard repertoire is available on these CDs and the parts are in handy PDF form. You can also download and print parts from imslp.org. You may also check out mini scores from Spaulding Library.

If there is a work that you need that is not on the CD-ROM library or imslp, we may have it in the Performance Library. If that is the case, you may request a copy at the cost of $.25 per page. Full sets and scores will not be photocopied under any circumstances.

What about music for my recital?

Music can be signed out for student recitals, but the student must obtain written permission from his or her private teacher to have the parts signed out. In addition, the Performance Library can help you rent orchestra sets for your recital, with written permission from your private teacher. The student is responsible for the entire rental fee and for any lost rental or NEC parts or scores.


Should I really ring the bell for service? It feels like I’m being rude.

YES! Don’t be afraid! Ring that bell! If the librarian is in the back office, ringing the bell is the only way to know that someone is at the door. Bonus points are given for good tone and resonance. However, one ring should do the trick. If the librarian is on the phone, it might take a moment to come help you.