Mahler UnleashedHe's more than a bunch of symphonies and songs. Even those are not what you think. And although the music stopped with his death in 1911—100 years later, his time is now. In fall 2011, during four months of concerts, jam sessions, conversation, and film, New England Conservatory invited concertgoers to free their minds about what Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) really means.

Mahler Unleashed
in the news

2011-12-04 The Boston Globe
"Mahler's bridge to now"

2011-12-01 The Boston Globe
"a village-band depiction of Mahler's scurrying forest animals"

2011-11-17 Get Out: Planning an Urban Safari in Boston (blog)
"To watch so closely made me feel like more than just a spectator."

2011-11-16 The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"passionate and emotionally rich performances of a series of impacted miniature compositions"

2011-11-09 The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"resonant, lucid and commanding … we couldn't hope for a better reading"

2011-10-20 The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"one is left to wonder where all this talent and training is going to find outlets worthy of its pedigree."

2011-10-07 The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"The stunned audience held their breath for some time after it, as, no doubt, Mahler intended."

2011-09-29 The Boston Globe
"as thrilling as any performance on record"

2011-09-28 The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"an interdisciplinary approach only possible at an institution of NEC's stature"

2011-09-23 The Boston Globe
"US premiere of early Mahler's First at NEC"

Past concerts

2011-09-26 Mahler's Legacy (pre-concert presentation by Gilbert Kaplan)
2011-09-26 The First of Mahler
2011-10-05 Life, Death, and Redemption
2011-10-13 A First Glance into Mahler
2011-10-19 Hearing Mahler through his Contemporaries
2011-10-27 Mahler Remixed
2011-11-02 Symphony No. 3
2011-11-07 Mahler + Schnittke for piano quartet (First Monday concert)
2011-11-09 Des Knaben Wunderhorn (lecture and Liederabend)
2011-11-09 Pathways to Heaven
2011-11-15 The Aura of Mahler
2011-11-17 Mahler as Arranger
2011-11-29 Mahler in Chinatown
2011-11-30 Mahler as Interpreter; Mahler as Interpreted (symposium)
2011-11-30 Music by Mahler, Inspired by Mahler, Retouched by Mahler
2011-12-01 Mahler and His Circle (Liederabend)
2011-12-04 Mahler: Our Contemporary (symposium)
2011-12-05 Des Knaben Wunderhorn (First Monday concert)
2011-12-07 1909 and the Future of Symphonic Music