The following courses are available for Fall 2015 registration.

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Literature & Cultural Studies

Reading, Writing, and Race:  Contemporary American Ethnic Literature

In this class, we will read works by Native American, Mexican American, Asian American, and African American writers to explore the cultural and literary politics of reading, writing, and race. more

taught by Jill Gatlin

History & Politics

Holocaust: Germany and the Destruction of the European Jews

Holocaust traces the origins of the Third Reich’s program for genocide, from the first shouts of anti-Semitism in the Munich streets to the Endlosung at places like Sobibor, Treblinka, and Auschwitz.  more

taught by James Klein

Philosophy & Religion

xray of a skullAdvanced Seminar: Brains Causing Minds

The class will begin with a survey of brain areas and functions, then turn to questions of how our brains cause thoughts and actions and how those thoughts and actions then change our brains. more

taught by Gretchen Breese

Hindu Myths

Hindu Myths is a course designed to introduce students to the rich mythology of India, a domain populated by extraordinary deities, powerful demons and supernatural humans. more

taught by Peter Row

Creative Arts

Rhiannon Banerdt and Lara Secord-Haid use the Drama Workshop mirror exercise in the Spring 2009 workshop performance of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child.Drama Workshop I

Drama Workshop I is a collaborative workshop in the elements of acting and directing:  the creation of a “serious-play” space where students can take risks and explore the dramatic art form in order to become better actors and better performers. more

taught by Patrick Keppel

student Kiyoe Wellington at the Fall 2012 Poetry ReadingPoetry Workshop

In this course, students will read and write poetry, and read and discuss the poetry of classmates both in the workshop itself and in small groups outside class. more

taught by Ruth Lepson

Jessica Stockholder, Baltic Art CenterInterarts: Multimedia Collaborations 

How does an artist push her/himself to really crack open to inventive and authentic ideas and approaches critical to performance and installation art? more


taught by Robin Dash


Italian IIItalian I

The first part of the year-long introductory course. The linguistic and phonetic structure of the language will be explored through its application to the field of music, with particular attention to opera. more


taught by Francesca Santovetti

German IIGerman I

The first part of the year-long introductory course. Students will be able to read uncomplicated texts in German with relative ease and will learn to write clearly structured German sentences.  more

taught by Sia Liss Stovall

French IIFrench I

The first part of the year-long introductory course. The course includes cultural information, French poetry, and traditional French songs. more



taught by Anne Squire