A Far Cry—Boston's self-conducted chamber orchestra—explores the traditional boundaries of Western classical music, experimenting with the ways music is prepared, performed, and experienced.

Founded in 2007 as a tightly-knit collective of young professional Boston-area string players, A Far Cry developed an innovative structure of rotating leadership, both on stage and behind the scenes. This, in contrast to typical orchestras, empowers the musician and aims to distill a valuable diversity of opinion into a unified voice.

A Far Cry has been embraced throughout the world with more than 50 performances across America, three albums, and nearly 100,000 views on YouTube.

Community focus

A Far Cry's commitment to education and community is at the heart of its mission. With a rehearsal and office storefront in its home neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, the Criers are in the public eye throughout the rehearsal and working process, and not just on the day of the concert. With this project, A Far Cry hopes to underscore the artist's relevance and ongoing importance to the community.

NEC and A Far Cry

New England Conservatory was instrumental in the formation of A Far Cry. Many of the founding members were educated and met each other at the Conservatory, and NEC's unconducted Chamber Orchestra was one of the sources of inspiration that helped the group to take shape. A rich haven of friends and mentors, NEC continues to play an important part in the lives of many Criers.

A Far Cry presents a series of concerts each year at NEC's Jordan Hall, regularly provides speakers on entrepreneurship, and collaborates closely with the NEC Preparatory School. In addition to coaching Preparatory orchestra sectionals, A Far Cry invites select Prep students to join the orchestra in a Jordan Hall concert, passing on the spirit of collaborative music-making to the next generation of musicians.


in photo: A Far Cry rehearses in NEC's Jordan Hall. (photo by Andrew Hurlbut)