The NEC/Tufts Dual Degree program is a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Music degree from New England Conservatory and a Bachelor of Arts or Science from Tufts University.


Each school grants admission independently, requiring separate applications, materials, and related fees. Therefore, eligible high school students must apply to both Tufts and New England Conservatory following the institutions' normal undergraduate application processes and indicating in their application that they are applying for the joint program. All offers of admission to the double degree program are made following independent notification of admission sent from each school in late March. 


There are limited openings to this program, so it is possible that an applicant can be admitted to both institutions but denied admission to the joint program. There is no wait list for the joint program. 


Once admitted, double degree students receive all financial aid from Tufts University. No financial aid is offered through New England Conservatory. For further information regarding Tufts University and/or to request application forms, please contact the Tufts Admissions Office by phoning (617) 628-5000.


For more information about the NEC/Tufts Double Degree program, please visit the NEC/Tufts degree information page.


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