All applicants must submit an Artistic Resume in the appropriate page of the online application. The resume should provide a quick overview of your artistry and accomplishments. It should not be exhaustive; please do not submit an extensive list of everything you have ever done. The Artistic Resume should cover the following topics relating to the applicant's intended program and major:

  • Academic study (institutions, dates, and degrees awarded)
  • Applied/private study (with whom, dates, etc.)
  • Performance experience
  • Awards and distinctions
  • Festivals and summer programs
  • A representative list of works studied and performed in the past three years. Indicate pieces performed in public recitals/concerts and those that are in-progress. For composers, list your own works and their instrumentation. For conductors, list works you have conducted and a description of the ensemble(s).

Please use our Artistic Resume Sample as a guide in preparing your resume.

Please note that the online application will accept only basic text formatting. Do not use bold, italics, underlines, indentations or any other special formatting. Please create your Artistic Resume in a word processing program and then cut and paste the text into the online application. You must enter the Artistic Resume into the online application; do not send separately via mail or email.