Born high in the Andes of Ecuador, trumpeter Carlos Roldán is a music educator and ardent advocate for social change. He currently runs the Music Education Program of the California Non-Profit Organization SAHLUD (Student Advocates for Healthy Living in Underserved Demographics). Carlos and his team of student volunteers travel throughout Ecuador teaching music classes to children in six impoverished, rural communities. SAHLUD’s influence also extends far beyond music education; its other philanthropic projects provide underserved communities of Ecuador with sustainable, free rolling medical clinics; public health education workshops; and provisions for healthier communal living. Participation is free for students and parents.

The foundation continues to grow at an accelerated rate, implementing new and bold ideas that raise awareness about the incomparable value of music in the global perspective. Carlos is deeply committed to fostering a musical environment that is transformative to the lives of children and their families; consequently, he is working towards implementing many of El Sistema’s philosophies and practices in his growing music program in Ecuador.

Carlos has performed with distinguished groups all across California, from the Tulare County Symphony to San Diego’s Westwind Brass Quintet. He received a B.M. in Trumpet Performance with a minor in Biology from San Diego State University.