Student Leadership

NEC has numerous leadership roles on-campus including Student Leadership Council, Student Senate, Penguin Editors, and PALs (Peer Advisor Leaders).

Through these opportunities, students have the chance to gain some leadership experience and be involved in the community in unique ways: guiding our incoming students through their first semester; serving on committee to determine curriculum choices that impact the entire student body; being the written voice of our peers; and even helping enforce campus policies. Student Leadership is a great way to get involved with NEC outside of the classroom and rehearsal hall. 

Student Senate

Serving as a Student Senator is an excellent learning and leadership opportunity, and a chance to have a real voice in the NEC Community. Senators represent the student body by serving on one of four committees: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Graduate Curriculum Committee, Student Affairs Committee and Disciplinary Committee. Those who are interested in becoming a Student Senator apply to do so via an application process each spring semester through the Office of Student Services. Student Senators also have an opportunity to serve on the Student Leadership Council. You can review an example of each application for each committee. Applications for the 2019-2020 year are closed.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The UCC meets the third Wednesday of each month to discuss new course proposals and potential changes to the undergraduate curriculum. For more information and to review an example of the applications please visit here.

The Graduate Curriculum Committee

The GCC meets the third Wednesday of each month to discuss new course proposals and potential changes to the undergraduate curriculum. For more information and applications please visit here.

The Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is comprised of NEC administrators, members of the Board of Trustees and Overseers, and select student senators meets twice during each semester to address student concerns and showcase new initiatives. For more information and applications please visit here.

The Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee meets on an as-needed basis to determine if a violation of NEC disciplinary code has occurred, and if so, how to resolve the matter. For more information and applications please visit here.

PALs (Peer Advisor Leaders)

PALs play a vital role in welcoming new students to NEC and preparing them for a successful year. PALs are the first people new students come in contact with over the summer. They are also often the first faces that new students and parents meet when they arrive at NEC. They assist with NEC's busy Orientation week, running events and encouraging students to create friendships, get to know NEC and Boston, and attend social events. Applications for PALs are closed.

Head PAL

The Head PAL supports all PALs by helping to plan and implement two training sessions, managing and overseeing PALs during Orientation as they work their shifts, and serving as a resource throughout the semester as they plan and implement social events. The Head PAL will assist the Student Services staff in running some Orientation events. This position is paid (stipend).

PAL (Peer Advisor Leader)

PALs commit to being a friend and guide for new students for an entire semester and helping them to adjust to college life and Boston. The position allows returning students the opportunity to meet and engage with new students and help shape their experience at NEC and in Boston. It also provides PALs with valuable and rewarding teamwork and leadership experience.

Penguin Editor (or Co-Editors)

The Penguin is NECs student-run monthly newspaper, featuring timely articles, interviews, tips, concert reviews, short fiction, poetry, cartoons, photos, restaurant reviews, and shout-outs. Love to write? Love the Penguin? Looking for a way to make a difference in the NEC community? Check out the Penguin for more information!