Student Practice Room Reservations

Practice room access has been updated for Summer 2021. Beginning Tuesday, June 1, all students must be pre-approved for campus access before being able to make a practice room reservation.

See updates below for more information.

Due to COVID-19 health and safety parameters, access to NEC practice rooms is available by reservation only.  We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to provide the best possible practice room access based on health and safety standards.

practice room ACCESS – SUMMER 2021

NEC practice room access is available from June 1 through August 15 by request only.  All students must make a request using the Access Form button below.  Please note the following important information:

  • Students who have just graduated (class of 2021) will continue to have access to NEC practice rooms through June 30, following the steps listed below.

  • Continuing students will maintain their access to NEC practice rooms through the summer until August 15, following the steps listed below.
  • The 33G building will be closed for the summer beginning Friday, May 28.  All practice and rehearsal rooms in this location will be unavailable until mid-August.
  • We will continue to monitor health and safety guidelines from state and city officials, which will inform any revisions to the current guidelines of time and air exchange.

To submit your request for practice room access, please complete the form using the button below.  You will be notified by email when your request has been approved.  Students will not be permitted on campus without prior approval, and without meeting the testing requirements as detailed in the summer testing program information listed below.

Request Summer Practice Room Access

health and safety requirements

Students who have been granted practice room access for summer 2021 are required to participate in NEC's COVID-19 summer testing program.  Requirements include once-per-week tests from the NEC testing center.  Please note that the NEC testing center is only open 2 days per week starting June 1, so plan accordingly.  

Students who have not been on campus in the Spring 2021 semester are required to meet NEC’s COVID-19 onboarding process prior to arrival on campus.  Information on testing dates, times, locations, and protocols can be found at the NEC COVID-19 Testing Program webpage.

Please visit the NEC COVID-19 Testing Program webpage for more information.

Students are required to adhere to all health and safety standards while on campus including health screening, social distancing requirements, and standards for face coverings. 

When using practice rooms, all students must adhere to the following regulations:

  • Only 1 student is permitted in a practice room at a time. 
  • Students may not share, swap, or change practice rooms under any circumstances.
  • Students must abide by practice room reservation times, and may not arrive early or stay late.
  • It is not permitted for any student to use a practice room without a preexisting reservation. 

reservation requirements

Students may reserve up to a maximum of 4 days in advance using NEC’s Practice Room Reservation system, and are permitted to make reservations for same day use.  Students will not be permitted in practice rooms without a reservation confirmation.

Students may update practice room reservations at any time using the SignUp Genius confirmation email received after placing a reservation.  Please note, if you have accidentally overbooked your allowed number of reservations for any given day, please delete the reservations you do not plan to use.

instrumentation and program of study requirements

Students must reserve practice rooms as dictated by their instrument or program of study using the links below.  Students must adhere to practice durations and restrictions as listed below, in accordance with NEC’s health and safety guidelines.

Strings, Piano, Harp, Guitar, and Percussion

  • Practice sessions are 2 hours maximum per session, with a maximum of 2 sessions per day. 

  • There is a mandatory 30 minute break between practice sessions for ventilation.

Winds, Brass, and Voice

  • Practice sessions are 1 hour maximum per session, with a maximum of 4 sessions per day. 

  • There is a mandatory 1 hour break between practice sessions for ventilation.


Practice rooms will be cleaned regularly based on CDC and other public health guidelines.  Additionally, students are expected to use proper hand hygiene prior to using any shared device (including pianos) on campus.  Before and after using common use equipment, students should wipe down equipment with available cleaning supplies (i.e. wipes and/or disinfectants) and then properly wash hands or apply hand sanitizer. 

Please note: Noncompliance with any of the standards or regulations above may result in loss of practice room privileges. 

Practice Room Reservations

Use the links below to reserve practice rooms based on your instrumentation and designation.

Piano Practice Reservations 

Strings Practice Reservations

Winds, Brass, & Voice Practice Reservations

Percussion Practice Reservations

other Student Room requests

For other student room requests, submit a student room request form. Additional student room reservations are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Due to scheduling challenges and venue availability, the Scheduling Office may not be able to fulfill your request.  We thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Please allow a minimum 48 business hours advance for room requests.

Student Room Request Form

Report Room Misuse

If you encounter room misuse, please submit a room misuse report using the link below. Misuse may involve: any person(s) using a room without a reservation, staying late or entering earlier than the designated reservation period, or utilizing a space with more individuals than may be safely accommodated with distancing requirements. COVID-19 health and safety measures depend on community compliance. Thank you for your understanding.