Prep Private Instruction

Pricing information for the 2023-2024 year is as follows.

Lesson Length


    36 lessons 30 lessons
60-minute lessons   $4,608 $3,840
45-minute lessons   $3,708 $3,090
30-minute lessons   $2,520 $2,100
Additional Charges
Registration fee $50


Late registration fine $50
Student ID replacement fee $15
Evaluation Fee $30**

**The Evaluation Fee is required for all private lesson students.


*Higher rates apply for some instructors. Rates will be reflected in the online registration system, or call the Prep office at 617-585-1160 to inquire about your instructor's rate.

  • Suzuki students are required to register separately for the appropriate Suzuki Group Class.
  • To be eligible for discounted tuition on year-long activities (classes, chamber music, jazz ensembles, and large ensembles), students are required to register for 30 or 36 Preparatory School private lessons for the year. Any approved cancellation or reduction of lessons below 30 will result in a reversal of these discounts.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that they receive the lessons for which they have paid in the same semester.