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Tuition & Fees

Students must pay for courses and ensembles in advance for the year and private lessons in advance for the semester.

A $40 registration fee is charged for each semester of required registration. Students enrolling in September for year-long courses and ensembles are not required to re-register for those courses in the spring. Spring registration is required for private instruction and addition of courses and ensembles. A $50 late registration fine will be charged for students registering without due cause after the registration periods listed in the catalog.

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Methods of Payment

Students must pay their tuition and fees in full at the time of registration. The school accepts cash, checks, and MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover as valid forms of payment. Families that choose to pay by cash or check must register in person.

Nonnegotiable Items

Students are responsible for paying with a negotiable check or valid credit card. New England Conservatory will assess students who present nonnegotiable checks, for whatever reason, a fine of $30 per check. The school reserves the right to refuse personal checks from students who have previously paid with nonnegotiable items.

Prior Balances

Students must pay any outstanding balances prior to registering.

Optional Payment Plan

Students with financial hardship may choose to pay by installments as follows:

  • 1/3 tuition, $40.00 registration fee, and $10.00 processing fee at the time of fall and spring registration (cash, check, or credit card)
  • The remaining two payments, each equaling 1/2 the balance, will be drawn automatically from a valid credit card number, furnished at the original registration, in October/November (fall semester) or┬áMarch/April (spring semester)