Fall Audition Requirements for Prep Large Ensembles

Seating Auditions

Seating Auditions are required of all students registered for Prep Orchestras, Baroque Ensembles, and for students in Jr. MYWE through the Placement Audition process.

Seating Auditions are not required of students in YJO, YBE, MYWE Concert Band, or Senior MYWE.

Seating Audition Requirements are sent to all registered students in June.

Seating Audition Submission

for current students

Please check back in June for more information!


Entrance Audition Requirements

For Large Ensemble Placement

Entrance auditions are available for students who missed the Spring (May) Large Ensemble auditions on a space available basis. To learn more about fall entrance audition opportunities, please contact the Preparatory School Office. Students interested in this type of audition must prepare the same entrance audition requirements as for the Spring (May) Large Ensemble auditions.