We're so glad you are interested in becoming a recognized student organization!

Student Organizations are a vital part of life at NEC.  Please read the information below to learn more.  If you know that you are ready to become organized please come by the Student Activities Center to begin the process of recognition.  We will help you every step of the way, so don't be overwhelmed by the requirments...we promise, they only sound daunting! -The SAC

Purpose for Recognition

Recognition of a group as a student club/organization establishes an identity, which enables that organization to secure the use of NEC facilities and services. Students bring to NEC a variety of interests, and continue to develop new interests as part of the NEC community. We believe it is important that students feel free to organize and join associations to promote their interests. NEC acknowledges the important value that student organizations have as a part of the educational process. Recognized organizations play an important role in developing student leadership and providing quality campus environments. It is the responsibility of each recognized organization to adhere to the mission of the Conservatory. Organizations must abide by all State and Federal Laws. Because of their importance, recognized organizations are accorded with special privileges and benefits within the Conservatory.

How Do I Start a New Student Organization?

Any group of five or more students that want to organize to pursue a common interest may start a student organization by doing the following:

Apply for Recognition

Application are processed at the Student Activities Center.
A "Request For Recognition" form must be completed and submitted at the Student Activites Center along with the required information listed below.

Develop a Constitution

Two copies of the organization's constitution must accompany the application for recognition. For help on developing this, ask Student Activities.

Elect and/or Select Officers

A list with names, addresses, and phone numbers of the officers must accompany the application. The officers elected/selected should be; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer. You should also include a list of anticipated participants or members of the organization.

Select an Advisor

A letter from a faculty or staff member, which indicates that person’s willingness to serve as advisor to the organization must accompany the application.

Submit a Budget Request Form

All student organization requiring NEC funding must complete and submit a detailed Budget Request with their application. This should list all planned expenses, as well as any planned fundraising events. Budgets will be allocated based on the detailed budget request and/or the history of the organization that is re-applying. Please see the Director of Student Activities if you have any questions about your Budget Request.

Please note: Applications and Budgets will be approved over the summer and into the early fall. Applications submitted fall semester will be accepted, but budget cannot be guaranteed for fall applicants.