Classes & Ensembles Additions and Withdrawals

Students must pay any adjustments in tuition in order for a change to take effect.

Students may withdraw from courses and ensembles and receive a refund according to the following schedule:

  • During the first week of class/lessons, 75% course fee refunded.
  • After the first week through the second week, 50% course fee refunded.
  • After the second week through the third week, 25% course fee refunded.
  • After the third week, no refund.

For refund purposes, chamber ensembles are deemed to begin the first week of each semester.

Students must request withdrawal from a class in person or in writing to the Registrar. Informing an instructor of a decision to withdraw from a course, stopping or withholding payment, and not attending classes do not constitute withdrawal from a course. There is no refund for year-long Preparatory School courses dropped mid-year.

Exceptional refund requests will be reviewed when the request is made in writing with adequate documentation.

The school reserves the right to cancel any class or ensemble with insufficient enrollment. In the case of a course cancellation, the student will receive a full refund of tuition and the registration fee.

Private Lessons, Withdrawals, Refunds

Students changing private teachers within an academic season must complete a “Change of Private Teacher Form” prior to making the course change. This form requires the signature of the current teacher, the new teacher, the parent, and the department chair and/or the Director of the Preparatory School.

Because teachers set aside time slots on the basis of registrations and often refuse other students, the amount refunded to a student who wishes to withdraw must be agreed upon by both the instructor and the student. Any instances in which the teacher and student cannot agree will be referred to an administrative committee for a final decision.

Students are expected to appear for regularly scheduled lessons. Teacher absences will be made up at mutually arranged times with the student. If the student and teacher agree that the number of registered lessons cannot be met, a refund may be requested before the end of the semester. Student absences for any reason do not qualify as refundable missed lessons. Teachers may make up these lessons at their discretion. Make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed if absence is incurred by the student.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they receive the lessons for which they have paid. Students experiencing unusual teacher absentee problems should contact the Director of the Preparatory School.