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Prep Ensemble Fees

These prices are in effect for the 2017-2018 academic year.

 Regular TuitionWith Discount*

Small Ensembles

(including Chamber Music and Jazz Ensembles) (28 weeks)
Bass Ensemble$825.00$620.00
Chamber Music$1,100.00$825.00
Chinese Music Ensemble$1,100.00$825.00
Guitar Ensemble$1,100.00$825.00
Harp Ensemble$1,100.00 $825.00
Honors Brass Quintet$550.00$412.50
Honors Wind Quintet$550.00$615.00
Instrument Duo$1,695.00$1,295.00
Jazz Ensemble$1,100.00$825.00
Percussion Ensemble$1,100.00$825.00
Piano Duo$1,695.00$1,295.00
Piano Ensemble$1,100.00$825.00
Sonata-Duo Class$1,100.00$825.00
Vocal Chamber Music$1,100.00$825.00

Large Ensembles

Baroque Chamber Orchestra$1,145.00$880.00
Cello Choir$900.00$710.00
Chamber Chorus$900.00$710.00
Children’s Chorus$900.00$710.00
CI A Cappella Ensemble$900.00$710.00
Clarinet Consort$900.00$710.00
Friday Baroque Ensemble$1,145.00$880.00
Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble$1,145.00$880.00
Junior Repertory Orchestra$900.00$710.00
Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble$1,145.00$880.00
MYWE Concert Band$1,145.00$880.00
Preparatory Baroque Ensemble$900.00$710.00
Preparatory Chorus$675.00$535.00
Preparatory String Orchestra$900.00$710.00
Renaissance and Baroque Wind Band$1,145.00$880.00
String Chamber Orchestra$1,145.00$880.00
String Repertory Orchestra$900.00$710.00
String Training Orchestra$900.00 $710.00
Trombone Choir$900.00$710.00
Young Women's Chorale$900.00$710.00
Young Women's Chorale plus Youth Chorale$1,145.00$880.00
Youth Brass Ensemble$900.00$710.00
Youth Chorale$900.00$710.00
Youth Chorale plus Youth Camerata$1,145.00$880.00
Youth Jazz Orchestra$1,145.00$880.00
Youth Philharmonic Orchestra$1,145.00$880.00
Youth Repertory Orchestra$1,145.00$880.00
Youth Symphony$1,145.00$880.00

Additional Charges

Registration fee (per semester)$40.00 
Late registration fine$50.00 
Student ID replacement fee (for lost IDs)$15.00 
Large ensemble audition fee$40.00 

*To be eligible for Discounted Tuition on year-long activities (classes, chamber music, jazz ensembles, and large ensembles), students are required to register for 12 or more Preparatory School private lessons in the Fall semester and 12 or more private lessons in the Spring semester. If the student does not re-register for 12 or more lessons in the Spring semester, all year-long activity discounts will be reversed, and Regular Tuition rates will apply.