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Prep Classes

These prices are in effect for the 2018-2019 academic year.

All classes meet for 30 weeks unless otherwise noted.

Course Title

Regular Tuition

With Discount*

Advanced Piano Seminar I$1,150.00$850.00
Advanced Piano Seminar II$1,725.00$1,275.00
The Art of Practice and Performance$310.00N.A.
Composition for Performers$1,150.00$850.00
Composition Seminar$1,150.00$850.00
Diction and Language for Singers (15 weeks)$1150.00$850.00
Audition and Performance Preparation for Singers (15 weeks)$575.00$425.00
Eurhythmics (all levels)$805.00N.A.
Fundamentals of Improvisation$1,150.00$850.00
Guitar Explorers (both age groups)$1,150.00$850.00
P-Bone Explorers$1,150.00$850.00
History of Jazz$1,150.00$850.00
Intermediate Piano Seminar$1,150.00$850.00
Introduction to Composing with Electronics$1,150.00$850.00
Introduction to Hand Drumming$1150.00$850.00
Jazz Analysis and Stylistic Application$1,150.00$850.00
Jazz Ear Training (all levels)$1,150.00$850.00
Jazz Theory (all levels)$1,150.00$850.00
Junior Piano Seminar$1,150.00$850.00
P-Trumpet Explorers$1,150$850.00
Musical Theatre Performance Class (15 weeks)$575.00$425.00
Piano Class for Singers$1,150.00$850.00
Music Theory (all levels)$1,150.00$850.00
Principles of Rhythm$1,150.00$850.00
String Bass Explorers$1,150.00$850.00
Renaissance & Baroque Improvisation and Ornamentation$1,150.00$850.00
Sightreading for Pianists (15 weeks) $575.00$425.00
Music Without Borders in the 21st Century$1,150.00$850.00
Young Composers' Seminar$1,150.00$850.00
Your Body the Instrument: Alexander Technique for Singers (15 weeks)$575.00$425.00
Preparatory Voice Class for Young Singers (both age groups)$1,150.00$850.00
Additional Charges
Registration fee (per semester) $40.00
Late registration fine $50.00
Student ID replacement fee $15.00

*To be eligible for Discounted Tuition on year-long activities (classes, chamber music, jazz ensembles, and large ensembles), students are required to register for 12 or more Preparatory School private lessons in the Fall semester and 12 or more private lessons in the Spring semester. If the student does not re-register for 12 or more lessons in the Spring semester, all year-long activity discounts will be reversed, and Regular Tuition rates will apply.