On this page, you will find information on the two types of fall large ensemble auditions: Entrance (space-availability) Auditions and Seating Auditions. Scheduling for both types of fall large ensemble auditions will begin in August.

Entrance Auditions

Entrance auditions are available for students who missed the spring (May) large ensemble auditions on a space-availability basis only. Students interested in this type of audition must prepare the same entrance audition requirements as for the spring (May) large ensemble auditions. A description of the requirements can be found here. To learn more about fall entrance audition opportunities, please contact the Preparatory School Office in August.

Seating Auditions

Seating auditions are for students who were placed in specific groups through the spring (May) large ensemble audition process. These auditions are an opportunity for students to play directly for the conductor of their assigned group and are also used to determine seating and part(s) assignments for the coming school year. Each large ensemble has specific audition requirements for their groups. Please visit the Fall Audition requirements page for more information.

Do I need to take a seating audition?

Most of our large ensembles require a Fall seating audition. However, not all large ensembles require one.

YES - Orchestra (with the exception of String Chamber Orchestra), choruses, and Baroque Ensemble members need to take a seating audition.

NO - Wind & Percussion Ensembles, Youth Jazz Orchestra, Youth Brass Ensemble, and String Chamber Orchestra members do not need to take a seating audition.

How do I schedule my seating audition?

Beginning in August, Students who are already members of specific groups (as a result of the spring auditions) can log-in to their account here to sign up for their seating auditions. Students should use the same account that was used to schedule past large ensemble auditions. If you are unsure of your log-in credentials, please do not create a duplicate account for the student, and instead please contact the Prep office for further assistance.

What do I have to prepare for the seating audition?

For information about repertoire requirements, please click here.