Eurhythmics will not be running Fall of 2021. 

We hope to run some courses in the Spring of 2022. If you are interested in Eurhythmics for the Spring, please email to be added to our interest list. 


Ginny Latts, Instructor

Join us for active learning in this theory class for young musicians! Sing, move, listen, create, read and write music, play instruments, learn together in a small ensemble setting.

Eurhythmics is a study of music through movement and is based on the interaction of ear, mind, and body. Students develop a knowledge of note-reading, solfège, music theory fundamentals, rhythmic skills, ear training, introduction to instruments, repertoire, and creativity.

Young students who've already started private instrumental lessons or are planning to start lessons will benefit from joining this active theory class. Students learn the fundamental concepts of music theory while developing musicianship and leadership skills, ensemble awareness, and creativity. The sequence of classes is taught through games, problem solving, and improvisations. Take this class prior to and concurrently with private instrumental instruction, as a theory component.

Placement is based on age and musical experience. Please look at the age chart below and register here for the appropriate class level. Early registration is advised, but if you are unsure about placement, please email the Prep Office or call the Prep Hotline at (617) 585-1160.

Class Schedule - No classes running Fall 2021.

All Eurhythmics classes meet on Saturday unless specified. Ages listed for each level refer to the student's age in September.

Introduction to Musicianship (Level I) (ages 4-5): This course will not be running in 2020-2021
Level II (ages 5.5-6.5): 9:00 AM - students may be studying an instrument already or be pre-instrumental
Level III (ages 6.5-7.5): 10:00 AM - students are encouraged to be studying an instrument concurrently.
Level IV (ages 8-11): 11:00 AM (Advanced) - Instructor permission required

Please note: Ages listed are a guideline. Final placement for all Eurhythmics classes, is at discretion of instructor.