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Push the boundaries

of genre and style.

Contemporary Improvisation

NEC’s Contemporary Improvisation program addresses the unique needs of musicians seeking to move beyond traditional boundaries. We bring together an extremely diverse group of the world’s finest young artists in a setting where they can truly grow as a community of composers, performers, and improvisers. With an emphasis on ear training, technique, conceptual ideas, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a wide range of improvisational traditions, the CI program is uniquely positioned to produce the complete 21st century musician.

What We Do

As far as boundaries are concerned, I'm always looking for new ones.
Hankus NetskyChair, Contemporary Improvisation

Beyond the Studio

What’s in your professional toolkit?

At NEC, you’ll strengthen your music with skills outside of music. In Community Performances & Partnerships, you’ll pitch programming and perform for diverse audiences. In Entrepreneurial Musicianship you’ll make new ventures happen, start to finish. And in Liberal Arts you’ll sharpen the intellectual and communications skills artists need to go further.

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Upcoming Events

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