Undergraduate programs are designed for students who have completed a high school diploma or their country's equivalent of secondary school. The information below provides an overview of our undergraduate programs. Please use the links to your left to view specific information about these programs.

Bachelor of Music Degree

The Bachelor of Music degree is a four-year undergraduate program that provides extensive training in students' majors, comprehensive instruction in music theory and music history, and an introduction to liberal arts disciplines. The Bachelor of Music degree serves as the qualifying degree for entry into Master's degree programs.

Undergraduate Diploma

The Undergraduate Diploma curriculum consists of three years of full-time undergraduate study in instrumental performance, vocal performance, or composition. The Undergraduate Diploma serves as the prerequisite for entry into graduate-level diploma programs. It does not serve as a qualifying degree for entry into Master's degree programs.

Double Degree Programs

For information about our five-year double degree programs with Tufts University and Harvard University, please go to Double Degree Programs.

Transferring to NEC

For information about transferring into an undergraduate program at NEC, please visit our page addressing application instructions and special concerns for transfer students.


Full-time undergraduate Conservatory students may enroll in classes taught at Northeastern University, Simmons College, and Tufts University, and may apply these credits to their programs at NEC. Students may cross-register for no more than two semesters, and are restricted to courses that do not duplicate NEC offerings. There is typically no additional fee or tuition charge with cross-registration. Current students should consult the NEC Catalog or speak with their Academic Advisor about cross-registration policies and procedures.

Please note that classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts through Tufts are not available through cross-registration. Also note that cross-registration at Tufts is open to all eligible undergraduate Conservatory students and is not the same as enrollment in the five-year NEC/Tufts University double degree program.