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Jordan Hall Information

Do I need tickets for all Jordan Hall concerts?

Most New England Conservatory concerts are free, and no tickets are required. Concerts and events which require tickets are so noted in the Concert Calendar. (Jordan Hall events not produced by NEC generally do require tickets.)

The Box Office is located at 30 Gainsborough Street, in the lobby of Jordan Hall.

Hours of Operation:

10 am-6 pm Monday-Friday
12 pm-6 pm Saturday

The Box Office is also open 1.5 hours before the start of any ticketed Jordan Hall performance for sale of that event only. All sales are final.

For more information and for ticket sales, please call (617) 585-1260.

Is Jordan Hall accessible?

Jordan Hall is wheelchair accessible.

Assistive Listening Devices are available in the Jordan Hall coatroom.

What are Jordan Hall's specifications?

The capacity, dimensions, and lighting specifications of Jordan Hall are as follows:

Seating Capacity:

  • Permanent seats: 989
  • Platform loges: 8 wheelchair positions; 24 companion spaces
  • Regular capacity: 1,029
  • Temporary Row AA: 22
  • Total capacity: 1,051

Stage Dimensions:

40' wide (46' near proscenium) by 29' deep. A stage extension can be installed to increase the depth to 36' or 38'. The stage is raked at a ratio of 1" per 8.


Clear Com communication for stage manager, front of house, spots, backstage light booth, and backstage left and right positions.

The IDEA console controls all stage and house lighting for Jordan Hall. There are 48, 20 amp dimmers dedicated to the stage performance lighting system. The number of available fixtures/dimmers varies throughout the concert season.