Chamber Music Audition Repertoire

A prescreening recording is required for all applicants to Chamber Music. Repertoire requirements are listed below. After reviewing the recording guidelines, please upload your recording files as part of your online application.

NEC recognizes that the continuing pandemic may present challenges in arranging collaborative rehearsals and recording sessions. We ask that applicants do their best in meeting our repertoire guidelines, but please know that we will be flexible with and understanding of any necessary modifications.  

Audition Repertoire Guidelines

Professional String Quartet Training Program

Groups applying to the Professional String Quartet Training Program should submit a prescreening recording with at least three contrasting pieces (all movements) of the group's choice. Groups invited to the live audition at NEC will present three contrasting works (all movements), which may be the same or different, in whole or in part, from the repertoire contained on the prescreening recording.


Professional Piano Trio Training Program

The Professional Piano Trio Training Program is full at this time, and will not be reviewing applications for Fall 2022. We anticipate there will be an opening for Fall 2023.


Chamber Music - Piano

1.    Solo work (one movement)
2.    Violin or cello sonata (two contrasting movements)
3.    First movement of a piano trio, quartet, or quintet

Live Audition:
1.    Solo work: Any first movement of a Beethoven sonata
2.    First movement of the Brahms, Schumann, or Dvorak piano quintet
3.    Beethoven Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op. 97 ("Archduke"), III. Andante cantabile (or a similar piece)
4.    First movement of a Mendelssohn, Beethoven, or Brahms piano trio

NEC encourages applicants to submit diverse repertoire, including works composed by women, people from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, and/or musicians from one's own cultural background.