Early Decision

The Early Decision Program is a binding option available only to applicants to the Jazz Studies and Contemporary Improvisation programs at the Bachelor of Music and Master of Music level who have decided that NEC is their first choice and that they will enroll if accepted. Early decision deadlines allow you to apply and be notified well in advance of the regular decision process.

Applying early is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you are accepted Early Decision you have made a binding commitment to attend NEC and must withdraw your applications from all other institutions you have applied to. Please only apply to the Early Decision Program if you are confident that NEC is your first choice school.

Applicants who are admitted early decision will receive a guaranteed scholarship of 50% of the current tuition. This scholarship award will not be subject to appeal; applicants who are will need more scholarship assistance than this should not apply for early decision.

Early Decision applicants are held to same standard as regular admission applicants, and the application requirements are the same. The only difference is that they agree to binding admission, apply earlier, and audition sooner. If you are not considered for admittance through the Early Decision Program your application may be considered on the regular admission schedule, without you needing to re-audition.

Early Decision Dates and Deadlines

  • November 1: Application, including prescreening recording, due. 
  • December 6: Audition date for all Jazz Studies applicants.
  • December 10: Audition date for all Contemporary Improvisation applicants.
  • December 20: Final admissions decisions sent.
  • January 15: Tuition deposit due, deadline to withdraw applications from all other schools. 
  • February 15: FAFSA deadline for students also seeking federal financial aid.