Small Jazz Ensembles

01. Rick McLaughlin teaches the intricacies of improvisation to a young sax player.
02. Mike Tucker gives a private saxophone lesson.
03. A young jazz composer/pianist hears his music come to life.
04. Jamie Stewardson jams with a student during a private lesson.
05. Nick Grondin joins in on guitar as his Prep ensemble rehearses.

These ensembles are designed for instrumentalists and vocalists desiring a small ensemble experience. Students explore the many, wide-ranging styles of jazz, including Third Stream, popular, and fusion styles. Ensembles also play arrangements and compositions by fellow students.

Jazz ensembles include any instruments or voice types at all levels. Small ensembles typically include 3-6 players, and all the players in the ensemble will have the opportunity to be featured as soloists. The faculty coach of the group also plays in the ensemble with the students.

Groups receive hour-long coachings during the academic year and have the opportunity to perform in masterclasses and their own end-of-semester recitals. More information on Jazz auditions can be found by clicking the below button or you can contact the Prep Office.

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