Certificate Programs

School of Continuing Education Certificate of Merit and Professional Studies Certificate

If you’re a musician looking for a full range of training--and the certificate to show for it--you’ve come to the right place.

NEC's School of Continuing Education offers a variety of credit-bearing programs: the Certificate of Merit and Professional Studies Certificate in composition, performance, or jazz, as well as studies in Music-in-Education. Weekday evening and Saturday classes make SCE certificates ideal for adults who want a conservatory education and have busy lives to accommodate.

Some of our certificate programs provide graduate-level training. Others prepare students for undergraduate study at a higher institution (like NEC). Professional musicians may want to refresh or supplement their previous musical education. Avocational musicians with strong music backgrounds may want credentials.

Please note: The NEC certificate programs are offered by NEC's School of Continuing Education, not administered as NEC College programs.

Follow the instructions specific to these programs contained within the description of each program; you will not need to interact with the NEC College Admissions Office or follow College admissions procedures.