This page contains information on how to audition for NEC Prep's Large Ensemble program. Large Ensemble auditions for entrance and advancement within our program take place each May for the following academic year. NEC Prep Large Ensembles consist of our Orchestras & Wind Ensembles, Youth Jazz Orchestra, Choruses, Youth Brass Ensemble, and Baroque Ensembles.

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Spring (May) Large Ensemble Auditions

YPO Flutes

Each May, NEC Prep holds auditions for Large Ensemble acceptance/advancement for the following school year. For May audition types, audition dates, and repertoire requirements, please visit the Spring Auditions page. Auditions for the 2016-2017 Large Ensembles will take place in May 2016. Auditions can be scheduled online beginning March 1st by clicking here.


Spring (May) Large Ensemble Audition FAQs

How do I schedule an audition?

Beginning in March, students may sign up for an audition time by clicking here and creating an account or logging into a previously created account. Students who are currently enrolled in our large ensemble program, or students who have previously auditioned for NEC Prep Large Ensembles will already have an account. If you fall into this category and are unsure of your log-in credentials, please DO NOT create a duplicate account for the student. Contact the Prep office for further assistance.

I'm currently enrolled in one of the large ensembles. Do I need to re-audition?

Students who are currently enrolled in our orchestra and chorus program and would like to advanced to a higher level group, must reaudition. Current Large Ensemble members who are enrolled in Jr. MYWE, Sr. MYWE, Baroque Ensembles, YJO, and students who would like to advance to a higher level orchestra or choir must reaudition each year. Students who are satisfied with the current placement in orchestra or choir need not re-audition.

What's my username?

Your usename is the e-mail that you have associated with your previous audition sign-up account as a student.  When you created an account for your audition(s) in the past, you submitted student information and parent information.  The e-mail you provided for the student is the username you can use to log-in again this year to sign-up for an audition.  If you need help in identifiying which e-mail address is your username, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist you!

I logged in, and now I reached a screen that says "Review Account: Contact Information and Password." How do I schedule the audition?

You're on the right track! Assuming you are a returning student, when you first log-in for the new year, the system will ask you to you review your information to make sure it is still up-to-date. This is also an opportunity to input your student's profile with more information about their musical extracurriculars and to add any new instruments. Keep going and you will end up at the scheduling component.

I have multiple children who would like to audition. Do I have to create separate accounts for each of them?

Yes. A separate student e-mail/username must be created for each student. It is helpful to use secondary e-mail addresses for each student to be able to log-in on each separate account. As long as the parent lists their primary e-mail when submitting parent information, the parent will not miss information regarding each child.

How much does it cost to audition for large ensembles?

There is an annual non-refundable $40 audition fee to audition for our large ensembles. Once this fee is paid, you are more than welcome to audition for as many different types of groups as you would like. You can pay by card or check written out to "New England Conservatory," which can be mailed to NEC Prep Auditions, 290 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 or dropped off in person to the main Prep Office, Room SB 120 at 241 St. Botolph, Boston, MA 02115.

I've already scheduled an audition but I need to reschedule. How do I do that?

You can reschedule your audition by logging into your account, cancelling your already scheduled audition, then rescheduling. Unfortunately our audition system does not have a "reschedule" option. You must first cancel your audition and then schedule a new one.

What if I don’t know my audition pieces yet?

If you are unsure of what you will play in your audition, don’t worry! As long as you have something written in the blanks, you will be able to move on with the audition registration process. We suggest writing, “TBD” or “Undecided” in the blanks. Then, once you know what you will perform, log back into your audition account and update the page that asks for your pieces by filling in the correct composer names and piece titles.

We recommend that you update your repertoire information at least one week before your audition.

I've already submitted my repertoire but now I would like to change it. How do I do that?

You can changed your repertoire by logging into your account, and updating your repertoire.

Which pieces am I supposed to prepare for the audition?

Spring audition repertoire requirements can be found by clicking here.

What's the tuition like to be in a large ensemble?

Our tuition and fees for the current academic year can be found here: Tuition & Fees.

After I audition, when will I find out about my audition placement?

Audition results will be released via e-mail (to all e-mail addresses associate with the student's account) on June 15, 2016. 

Fall (September) Large Ensemble Auditions

Fall audition scheduling for Large Ensemble seating and entrance auditions begins on August 1st.

Prep Bass Section

Seating Auditions

What is a seating audition?

Seating auditions are for students who were placed in specific groups through the Spring (May) Large Ensemble Audition process. These auditions are an opportunity for students to play directly for the conductor of their assigned group and are also used to determine seating and part(s) assignments for the coming school year. Each large ensemble has specific audition requirements for their groups. Please visit the Fall Audition page for more information.

Almost all of our large ensembles require a Fall seating audition. However, not all large ensembles require one. To check if your group requires a seating audition, please visit the Fall Audition page.

Do I need to take a seating audition?

YES - Orchestra (with the exception of String Chamber Orchestra), choir, and Baroque Ensemble members need to take a seating audition.

NO - Wind & Percussion Ensembles, Youth Jazz Orchestra, String Chamber Orchestra members do not need to take a seating audition.

How do I schedule my seating audition?

Beginning in August, Students who are already members of specific groups (as a result of the Spring auditions) can log-in to their account here to sign up for their seating auditions. Students should use the same account that was used to schedule past Large Ensemble auditions. If you are unsure of your log-in credentials, please do not create a duplicate account for the student and contact the Prep office for further assistance.

Entrance Auditions

Entrance auditions are available for students who missed the Spring (May) Large Ensemble auditions on a space-availability basis only. To learn more about Fall Entrance audition opportunities, please visit contact the Preparatory School Office.


For more information about how to audition for our other offerings such as lessons, classes, and small ensembles, please visit our Auditions page.

Not sure where to start? Please feel free to contact the NEC Prep staff during our office hours.