Piano Faculty

Aimee Tsuchiya, SCE Piano Department chair
Complete List of Classical Piano Faculty

Certificate Programs

A Certificate of Merit and a Professional Studies Certificate are available in classical piano. Jazz certificates are also available. Check out our Certificates page for more information.

Private Lessons

Students wishing to broaden their musical training whether general or expert can do so through private instruction. Private lessons are offered by highly qualified and experienced faculty. Lessons range from 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  Lessons are open to everyone and you can enroll at anytime. Private lesson placement is made by the department chair, Aimee Tsuchiya. Check out our Private Lessons page for more information.

Thursday Evening Piano Workshops and Recitals

Six paired Thursday Evening Workshops and Recitals for registered SCE pianists are offered from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Jordan Hall building.  Workshops are held JH324 and most recitals are given in JH124.  Teachers submit students' repertoire prior to each workshop.  Pianists perform either with score or from memory in an informal setting, and SCE Piano Dept. Chair Emeritus Sam Adams and the other performers offer supportive suggestions.  The recitals are performed usually the following Thursday, with a printed program for an audience of invited friends and family.

Classes & Seminars

Intro to Collaborative Piano

Aimee Tsuchiya, SCE Piano Department chair
Mon 6:00-7:30pm
1 credit: $700
Non-credit: $465

This two-semester course offers pianists the opportunity to experience and refine the unique skills involved in playing with another instrumentalist or vocalist. We will explore various genres of repertoire involving a collaboration between piano and instrument or voice (fall semester will focus on duos with strings, woodwinds, brass; spring semester will work with vocal repertoire).  Works of various styles and periods will be studied and performed in class, as will the different genres of concerto, duo/sonata, aria and art song. We will explore practical musicianship issues such as transcription, balance, sightreading, transposition, as well as the finer elements of musical partnership such as breathing, phrasing, tone quality and creativity.

Keyboard Skills

Fredericka King, SCE Music History department instructor
Wed 6:00-8:00 pm
1 credit: $700
Non-credit: $465

Are you interested in learning the piano or returning to your piano playing? For beginners, this class provides a welcoming and easy introduction to the keyboard. You will learn note-reading and rhythm skills and will develop technique to play repertoire at your skill level. No prior keyboard experience is required. If you have had experience playing piano, or have participated in a previous session, through personalized instruction this class can help you boost your technique and progress to a more advanced level of repertoire. The class set-up can accommodate varying beginning skill levels and can be customized for returning and continuing students. If you have questions, please contact the Department of Continuing Education at 617-585-1701.

Piano Interpretation & Performance Seminar

Ya-Fei Chuang, Instructor
Fall 2016 Audition: September 14th

Wednesdays 6:30 - 9:00 pm

1 credit including 2 hours coaching: $720 per semester
Non-credit including 2 hours of coaching: $575 per semester
Auditors: $290 per semester
Auditors Drop In: $40 pay at the door per session


Ya-Fei Chuang

This class, designed for intermediate to advanced level performers, will address technical, stylistic and conceptual issues in order to deepen participants' musical understanding and provide an artistic context to their repertoire. Practice techniques, performance preparation and learning to "own the stage" will also be addressed.

The seminar will be conducted in the format of a masterclass. All active participants will be coached by Ya-Fei Chuang and at least once a semester by one of two distinguished guest artists. Past guests include world-renowned music scholar Christoph Wolff from Harvard University, Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Yehudi Wyner, and concert pianists/piano professors such as Jonathan Bass, Bruce Brubaker, David Deveau, Robert Levin, Max Levinson, Michael Lewin, Victor Rosenbaum, Sergey Schepkin.

The seminar will culminate in a public concert by all active participants, at the end of each semester in NEC's Williams Hall.

An audition is required only for active participants: please email continuingeducation@necmusic.edu to schedule an audition. Auditions will be on September 14th from 6:30-8:00pm and will be in 15-minute blocks. Audition repertoire should consist of at least two contrasting styles of the candidate’s choice, with score or by memory. Performers registered for the previous year may re-audition or use the spring concert as their audition.

Credit: Performers who register for credit are required to submit a five to seven page paper that discusses an unusual or controversial aspect of a work which they will perform during the semester. The paper should reflect both outside reading and original ideas of the student. Deadline for papers will be determined by Ms. Chuang upon discussion.

SCE registered pianists are welcome to audit the course free of charge.

The final grade will be calculated as follows:
Performance: 70%
Paper: 20%
Participation and Attendance: 10%

Piano Pedagogy

A. Ramón Rivera, Instructor
Tuesdays 12:30–2:30 pm
2 credits: $1400
Non-credit: $930


Note: This course follows the NEC college calendar.

This course examines methods, concept series, teaching materials, and literature from elementary through upper intermediate levels; views comparative educational philosophies and psychologies as related to piano teaching; features guest lecturers in special areas of concentration; and introduces Dalcroze Eurhythmics and group piano teaching. Course includes lectures, discussion, performance, reading and research assignments. This is a spring semester NEC College course that is available to Continuing Education students. All participants receive conference time with the instructor and all printed materials and observe Preparatory School Saturday Piano Seminars, workshops, and evaluations. Students registered for credit also receive 6 or more hours of mentoring with members of the Preparatory School Piano Faculty.

Prerequisite: A placement interview with the instructor is required prior to enrolling in this class. Placement interviews will be held on December 13th. Please contact us at ramon.rivera@necmusic.edu to schedule a placement interview.