Tourjée Scholarship

Tourjée Alumni Scholarship Award

The Tourjée Alumni Scholarship Award was established in 1985 by NEC's Alumni Council, “to encourage graduate study at the alma mater, thus refining talent to its highest potential.”  The first award was made in the spring of 1986.

This special prize towards first-year tuition is given to a graduating student or NEC alumna/us who plans to pursue further graduate work at NEC. Those who are applying for a master’s degree, graduate diploma, or doctorate degree are eligible for this scholarship. Holders of full-tuition scholarships or funding are ineligible for the Tourjée Alumni Scholarship Award.

The award is based on outstanding musicianship, scholarship, and enterprise. Equal weight is given to these characteristics. Recipients must also exhibit high potential for success in graduate study and in the music field. The award is based solely on merit and not upon financial need. 

If you are an NEC alumna/us pursuing further graduate work at NEC and wish to apply for the Tourjée Alumni Scholarship Award, please mark the box on NEC's application to indicate your interest.

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Convocation remarks by 2013 Tourjée Award winner Nedelka Prescod