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Renewing Your Aid

New England Conservatory awards institutional (NEC), federal, and state funding to eligible students. Federal and state eligibility is largely based on financial need. Institutional funding is awarded based on both a student's talent/merit and demonstrated financial need.

Additionally, the Conservatory makes a limited amount of its funding available for awards based solely on a student's talent/merit. Those applicants whose level of financial need might not otherwise qualify them for institutional assistance may be considered for a merit-only award. Application requirements are the same for all applicants, regardless of the type of financial assistance requested.

Application Requirements

  • Complete the NEC Application for Financial Aid and Scholarships annually by March 31. The application is available via NetPartner, our Online Financial Aid portal.
  • US Citizens and Permanent Residents only: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1 annually.

Financial Aid Renewal Policy

(Be sure to view our other policies here.)

All financial aid recipients, including those receiving only NEC funds, must reapply for financial aid annually. Financial Aid applications for returning students are usually available in February for aid to be awarded in the next academic year.

Normally, financial aid awards will remain the same dollar amount for each student from year to year. However, changes in income, degree program, household size, family members’ college enrollment, credit-load, etc. may affect a student’s financial aid. To be eligible for renewal, students must meet NEC’s academic standards, be registered,and reapply for financial aid on time with minimal changes to his/her financial situation.

Please note: Returning students who began their academic program prior to Fall 2012 will be subject to the renewal policy that was in place as of their enrollment date.

Students who are returning from inactive status are included in the renewal policy, provided they have notified the Dean of Students of their return, have completed the financial aid process on time. Students returning from suspension, or who have been on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, are not eligible for financial aid until they return to good academic standing. Current NEC students who are applying to another degree program (e.g. Bachelor’s students who reapply for graduate programs) are subject to the deadlines and policies set for new students.

Financial Aid decisions will be made in accordance with the applicant’s strengths and financial need relative to the pool of new applicants. This policy includes current Master’s students applying for a second Master’s degree in another major.

Scholarship renewal in the case of program extension is not guaranteed and funds may be reduced.