GBH: Local Grammy winning musician Steven Feifke discusses his latest album

In his first Grammy win, Feifke became the youngest to win the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album category, joining a list of previous category winners such as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and Harry Mancini.

Two men smile on a jazz album cover. One has brown skin and is holding a trumpet. One has light skin and is seated at the piano. The album title "Generation Gap Jazz Orchestra" is featured in the image.

Composer, pianist, and New England Conservatory Prep alum Steven Feifke ’09 Prep recently won his first Grammy in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album for "Generation Gap Jazz Orchestra" — the youngest person ever to win this category:

“For me, as the youngest person to ever win the award in this category and to be now on that list with people who I really greatly respect as a musician like Duke Ellington, like Miles Davis in the jazz realm, and then also including people like Quincy Jones and Henry Mancini ... to be mentioned in that list at all, not to mention be the youngest awardee in that category, it's a huge honor.”

In a recent conversation, Feifke spoke with GBH's Arun Rath about the thrill of working with Kurt Elling, an artist he's admired since his NEC Prep days:

Kurt Elling is the composer of that song and he's also the guest artist on that song. Elling is one of the world's preeminent jazz vocalists, or even just plain old vocalists. He's an incredible artist, somebody who I've listened to since I was probably in my days at New England Conservatory Preparatory School, getting into this music for the first time. And so the opportunity to feature him on the record is very special.

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