Father-Daughter BSO Colleagues Mary and John Ferrillo

 When violist Mary Ferrillo ’13 MM joined the Boston Symphony Orchestra this fall, her new colleagues included John Ferrillo—principal oboist for the BSO, NEC faculty member, and also Mary's father.

WBUR interviewed Mary and John about what it means to them to play together in the BSO:

Mary Ferrillo and John Ferrillo smile in Symphony Hall
Mary and John Ferrillo at Symphony Hall. (Courtesy BSO)

Mary Ferrillo had a lot at stake when she stepped behind the screen with her viola for her fourth audition at the Boston Symphony Orchestra in February. She was three months shy of her 30th birthday and it was her 22nd audition for a major orchestra. But at the BSO, these weren’t just potential colleagues she was trying to impress, they were her father’s colleagues, too.

Mary's father is BSO principal oboist John Ferrillo, who has been with the symphony since 2001. She spent her childhood in awe of their work, falling in love with classical music among some of its greatest players. Her father says he was proud, as any father would be, when he found out his daughter landed the coveted spot, but his overwhelming emotion was relief.

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